The World's First Soul-cial Network

The world's first Soulcial Network.

My parent's final resting place is over 1500 miles away from where I live and it's been awhile since I've been able to visit them. My kids are a bit nervous about going to a cemetery. My daughter says the thought of going to a cemetery "creeps" her out. But, I wanted to make sure my kids remembered their grand parents. I wanted them to know about their lives.

Almost all cemeteries require loved ones to maintain headstones and with many cemeteries cutting costs, I often worried about how my parent's final resting place was being cared for. Are the weeds being pulled? Has their headstone tipped over? Are the flowers I am sending placed by their headstone and collected when they wilt?

Lucky for me my sisters live close to the cemetery and have become my parent's caretakers. Awhile back they began sending me pictures of their headstone everytime they "dressed" it up for a holiday or whenever flowers or gifts of rememberance were left by friends.

Looking at the photos made me smile and gave me peace of mind knowing that my parents were being taken care of. I shared the photos with my daughter and we talked about life, death and the life of her grand parents. It was both wonderful and very therapeutic for me to share my memories as well as time with her talking about my parents and their lives.

She had many questions, and being in the comfort of our home while looking at their headstone, didn't "creep" her out. In fact, we both laughed quite a bit seeing the cupcakes, cigarettes, deck of cards and six pack of beer left by my dads friends.

This is why I have created FinalResting.com. To create a place where family and friends can always visit and share the memories of their loved ones, friends, heroes, or pets regardless of where their final resting place is.


Todd Meagher