Post a Free Online Obituary and Create a Free Memorial Website

Create an online obituary and memorial website to celebrate the life of a dear friend, loved one or pet, and connect with a supportive community that understands the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one.

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Compose heartfelt obituaries and create a memorial website for a loved one or pet online.

Writing online obituaries for a dear friend, family member, or pet goes beyond replicating traditional obituaries. They become personal, interactive spaces that offer a more engaging and lasting tribute. These online memorial websites offer comfort as they serve as permanent sites where people can return to celebrate and honor the lives of their deceased loved ones.

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Compose Heartfelt Obituaries

Construct a Loving Online Obituary and Create a Free Memorial Website in Three Simple Steps

Write the Obituary

Write the Obituary

Complete the online form with all necessary details, including significant life events, achievements, and personal anecdotes that truly capture your loved one’s character.

Upload Photos Or Videos

Upload Photos or Videos

You can do more than find the right words. Select images and videos that best represent the person or pet, highlighting memorable moments and their unique essence.

Publish Your Online Memorial Website

Publish Your Online Memorial Website

Once ready, publish your online memorial website and share it with friends and family, creating a space for everyone to gather and remember.

Your Free Online Memorial Website Features

  • Upload Photos Upload up to 20 photos
  • Add video Add youtube video links
  • guestbook message Post & Receive guestbook message
  • groups Create and join groups
  • Invite Collaborators Invite Collaborators & Caregivers
  • Download Download Memorial Data
  • Google MapsGeotag and Link your Memorial Location using Google Maps
  • SlideshowsCreate Photo Albums and Slideshows
  • Add MusicAdd Music
  • NotificationsCreate Notifications & Reminders
  • Post Audio Post Audio / Video Messages
Create Memorial Groups

Create Memorial Groups

Create groups of memorials of family members or for those who have passed under similar circumstances. You can make your groups private or limit access only to people you have invited.

Explore Groups
Link Your Online Memorial Website with it's Final Resting Place

Connect your virtual memorial to it's physical location using our app. Easily connect geo-locations to online memorials and discover other nearby memorials with geo-tags. Navigate to the final resting places of family, friends, and pets with ease.

Heartfelt Obituaries

Looking for a Loved One's Memorial?

Online Support Community

Build an Online Support Community or Join One

Creating memorial groups can foster a sense of shared experience and belonging. With Final Resting, you can join a support group or build one of your own. Additionally, you can make these groups private or limit access to invited members, ensuring a compassionate and respectful environment for sharing and support.

Unearth Creative Ideas for Honoring Loved Ones

Find heartfelt and creative ways to honor your loved ones, explore a wealth of encouraging and comforting messages, be inspired by touching memorial stories, and stay updated on memorial trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Memorials

  • An online memorial is your digital sanctuary, crafted on the web to honor and cherish the lives of your beloved family members, friends, and pets who have passed on. Think of it as your timeless space, a virtual haven where their legacies continue.

  • A memorial website is a comforting space where you can gather with others online to honor the memory of the departed. It offers solace and support, allowing you to share memories and find strength in community. It's a place of healing, helping you navigate the journey of grief.

  • With Final Resting, an online memorial platform, creating a virtual memorial service is very simple. You only need to input essential details, upload photos and videos, and share personal anecdotes to create a heartfelt online tribute to your loved ones.

  • The best memorial app should not only be effortless to use but also completely free of charge. After all, commemorating the lives of your special ones online should be a comforting experience. That's why we developed the Final Resting app—to provide you with a user-friendly platform for creating a digital memorial at no cost. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Final Resting app ensures effortless sharing of directions to the final resting places of your loved ones.