Basic Features

Basic Memorial Features

  • Upload up to 20 Photos
  • Add YouTube Video Links
  • Post & Receive Guestbook Messages
  • Create and Join Groups
  • Geotag and link your memorial location using Google maps
We provide most online memorial features for free.


Share Memories Post an obituuary or a biography and share information, details, and stories about a loved one.
Share Photos Add a photo gallery to your memorial page. 20 PHOTOS
Create Photo Albums & Slideshows Create photo albums that can be viewed through a slideshows.
Share Videos Add YouTube video links or host your videos on your memorial. LINKS
Create a Timeline Create and share a visual timeline of events and milestones throughout the life of your loved one.
Create Memorial Groups Create groups of memorials of family members or for those who have passed under similar circumstances.
Add GPS Mapping Link your online memorial to its physical location using GPS.
Schedule Notifications Set, get, and share notifications for important dates of rememberance.
Add Caregivers Designate trusted friends and family members as additional memorial managers.
Control Access Control who can see your memorial by blocking strangers and inviting only selected guests. Your memorial will not be visible to anyone else.
Add Background Music Link or upload your loved ones favorite song that will play both on the memorial and its photo slideshows. LINKS